Don't let it boil your brain.  I can help!

Current trend

If you feel your computer is not responding as quickly as it was when you first got it, then there is a straightforward and very cost effective way to speed it up - to install a Solid State Drive (SSD) is much cheaper than buying a new PC!

I can come and get your computer, speed it up, antibac it and deliver it back to you, usually within a day.

Please don’t get SCAMMED!

If you receive a phone call, purportedly from a reputable company, saying that your broadband is about to be cut off, that they have detected abnormal activity or a virus on your computer, or you visit a website that immediately alerts you that there are major problems on your computer, then ‘do not believe it!’ The resulting conversation will be a SCAM!
Never be persuaded to let anybody you don’t know take control of your computer!  Microsoft, BT or any other reputable computer company will never do this.

Remote support made easy!

If I cannot visit you for any reason, then I can use the wonderful AnyDesk software to allow me to see and interact with your computer.  It's as though I am with you, except that we are talking on the phone while I help you solve the problems you are having with your computer.

Of course if your broadband has gone down I can't do this, but give me a call anyway and I'll see what I can do to help you get connected again.

There's a handy link to the AnyDesk site below to help you get to it.

I do Websites too.  Here are some examples...


And when I need some peace... I take a look outside.

About Me

Computers have evolved over the years and I have been involved with them from the very early days.  From looking after individual pc's to managing large computer networks for TV companies I have gained a wide knowledge of I.T. systems and keep up to date with trends.

My personal computer is a Mac, because I like the way they work.  Also because I can run Windows in a virtual window on the Mac I can develop for the Mac and the PC on the same laptop.  Everyone else in our household uses Windows 10, as do the majority of my clients on the Roseland, though there are a lot of Mac users too.

For website development I use a content management system called ConcreteCMS.  The nice thing about it is that it is very straightforward for the client to be able to manage their own website and be involved in it's development.  To edit a page you just have to login, go to the page, press the Edit button and alter the page directly.  For more bespoke development of the site, when a client has specific requirements I use the PHP language.  I can also program in Visual Basic, C and C++.